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Thoughts on snow

As anyone watching the weather channel knows, the midwest/east coast/ EVERYWHERE is getting hit with a bunch of snow.  Now, I'm typically known as the one crazy person that actually likes this stuff, and the cooler temperatures that come with it (to a certain extent).  However, there are some things I HATE about snow/winter, and some days I wonder if I should just swear off it all together and move to Florida sooner than I planned.  I've decided to come up with a useless pros and cons list for snow...


-It's pretty.  It makes everything it touches look awesome!
-Your garage turns into a walk-in refrigerator.  Woo, extra storage space!
-EXPLORATION!  Because when you're the only one in your neighborhood that likes walking in snow, you don't have to worry about kids doing drugs in your woods.  IT ALL BELONGS TO YOU!
-You can't get lost while exploring because you leave these handy tracks everywhere.
-And speaking of tracks, it's easier to follow animal footprints for the heck of it.
-Said animals are easier to spot.  Unless it's a barn or snowy owl, in which case they just jump out at you out of nowhere or sit there laughing at you going "Haha, you can't see me!"
-Icicles!  They also look pretty.
-Photography!  No explanation needed.


-Makes it harder to eat healthy.  Because who wants something cold like a salad or cup of fruit after coming in from a windchill that makes it feel like it's minus 20?  No, you're going for the hottest thing possible, and that usually means it's bad for you.
-Shoveling that damn driveway.
-Shoveling that damn driveway AGAIN because it snowed again.  Sometimes you have to do it over right after you just finished it.
-Whether you or your car gets to school/work in one living piece depends not on your driving skills, but how well the roads have been cleared and/or the presence of evil black ice.  I hate that stuff.  It sneaks up on you and goes "HAHA!  I'm invisible and I'm going to kill you! "
-That feeling that a million little animals are trying to bite your face off.  :(
-Snow drifts.  One minute you're walking through the forest being awesome, and the next you've fallen into a pit of snow up to your chest.  Good luck climbing out while the birds laugh at you.
-Foggy camera lenses. :(
-Foggy glasses.
-The possibility that you could get ironically eaten by starving coyotes while exploring. D8

So, snow seems to primarily offer pretty things, fun, cold, and DEATH.  Damn my fascination with wandering aimlessly through the woods.  It appears to be taking over my survival instincts. >.>


First thing I want to get out of the way is an explanation for those of you that follow me on twitter/facebook.  As you might have noticed, I'm ranting about my brother again.  He got into an argument with this other kid who was accusing him of something he didn't do, and he responded by calling this kid a REALLY gross, offensive term.  As a result, he came home with bruises and a deep gash in his scalp that would not stop bleeding.  My mom rushed home from work to take him to the hospital, and what does he do?  Sneak out with my mom's cell phone to work out relationship issues with his girlfriend.
What.  the.  FUCK.  You have a BIG FUCKING CUT in your head and you just go for a walk outside!?
Long story short, he insisted he was fine and refuses to let us take him in to get stitches.  Whatever kid, if you get an infection, just remember it's your fault, not ours.

My stupid intro to college life class is OVER!  I don't have to stay on campus late on Wednesdays anymore!  My drawing class is also done, which is not so happy because I love it, but my professor really liked my final drawing, so YAY!  And now I'll have Tuesdays and Thursdays off for the next couple weeks!  And my Classical Mythology professor (who is the most epic professor ever) is renting out a bar for us and all of his past students to come and have a pre-final party on Thursday.  My sister has to volunteer that day but she can take me in later if she has time, and her boyfriend might come along.  I REALLY want to go, because, hello free bar food!  Also, the possibility that I'll actually feel relaxed enough to socialize, and possibly make some friends. 
Aaand, my sister and her boyfriend and I are going to see Black Swan Tomorrow!  Heck yeah, Aronofsky!  That means after tomorrow I just need to see Tangled*, Megamind, and Narnia.



My hypothetical holiday marketing strategy

As some of you might now, I've applied to my college's art school in the hopes of becoming a visual communications major with a minor in marketing at the business school.  I love designing things, coming up with ideas, imagining up products, etc and I would love to do these things for Disney/Pixar one day.  I plan to get this dream going by doing both the Disney College Program, and Disney's Professional Internship program later on and working my way up as others have done before me.

That said, I've been thinking lately about the way companies like Disney market toys and other products for children, especially now that it's the holiday season.  I'm always annoyed when I see bright pink things with the Disney Princesses slapped on them right next to a similar blue display covered with Pixar characters.  This completely ignores the fact that many boys enjoy the Princess movies too (although, unfortunately, they tend to keep it a secret from their friends), and that plenty of girls love Toy Story and other Pixar movies.  I thought of all this again as I was flipping through a Toys R Us catalog, and of course, bright pink pages were filled with girls playing house, dressing up dolls, and pretending to cook or clean while the boys got action figures, swords, hero role play, and science kits.  Then I had an idea:

What if instead of organizing these catalogs by sex, they were organized by type of toy, movie, and franchise?  And what if they included girls AND boys playing with toys for each?  I thought of a hypothetical Disney catalog and in my head it went something like this...

details under the cutCollapse )

These are just some of the ideas that came to me.  In my head I can see the whole catalog, and I really really want it to be a reality.  If I do get to work with Disney some day, I am totally proposing something like this.
If you want to read more about gender and marketing to kids, ontd_feminism  recently posted an article about it here: community.livejournal.com/ontd_feminism/440094.html





Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters are at the Rally To Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive!



Undesirable number 1

There's this nifty little activity you can do on the official Death Hallows movie website where you can make a ministry wanted poster for yourself.
This is mine:

Is it sad that this makes me feel totally badass?



My mom took this week off to visit her mom in Delaware, so she could unwind and be away from the stress at home, and she just got back!
Call me a dork for being this excited, but in case you hadn't noticed, I love my mom.  It's like they forgot to cut the umbilical chord when I was born or something.

Anyway, she also has this weekend off so we're going to go grocery/fun shopping together and just be awesome.  We still have to deal with my brother, but we're trying to work on that gradually.  My dad told him about some of the stuff we found out and he didn't deny anything.  I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, but soon his therapist will be in on this too. 
I would love to drag her along to see Legend of the Guardians, but stupid Paranormal Activity 2 is bumping it out of IMAX, so I'll have to wait until it gets to our newly 3D-equipped dollar theater (because this movie HAS to be seen in 3D.  I saw it in IMAX by myself, and it was like whoa, that is awesome right there.)  But it will be worth the wait because this is exactly the kind of film my mom loves.  We're both in love with the whole dark-children's-fantasy-with-animals scene like Secret of Nihm, Watership Down, Warriors, etc. 
And oh yeah, that reminds me.  Less than a month until Harry Potter!  Oh my gosh, it's going to be so awesome.  I might just come dressed as Tonks, and I can find a costume for my mom too. 

Wow, talk about a mood swing....
my mom also got me some poster-type things.  They're pretty cool.


Ignore this post if you have no interest in observing more of my odd late-blooming teenageness-that-should-have-happened-already.



I want a shiny phone.  In January, we all plan on getting new ones since that's when our 2-year plan is up.  I was under the impression that since my dad just replaced his (an old phone from 2004) and lent it to me to use, he was just going to have me keep this one, but according to my mom, I do get one of my own after all.
And this is the one I want:


It's pretty much free now if you have at&t!  Before it was more like $75, but now you can buy it for 1 cent (what is the point of such a low price anyway?  I don't get it.) and just pay for the plan.
Although knowing my dad he will want me to pay for the data plan, so I'll have to look into getting an on-campus job next semester, which I don't mind.  I've been told that on-campus jobs will work around your classes and totally understand if you have to take a day off to study or take a test, as opposed to McDonald's where they'll say "NO!  Get your ass in here and work!"

Anyway, you can blame ericadawn16 for this. :p  She has a similar phone-with-an-awesome-camera that's been seducing me ever since she got it.
Plus, this has GPS, which will probably come in handy when I drive down to florida in a year or so to do the DCP since I am terrible with directions and will more than likely miss an exit and get lost.

Oh, and I just found out that there's a hack I can use on my Canon powershot to make it shoot RAW* photos! 8D
*(RAW photos are completely uncompressed files of the photos you shoot, which means they are of SUPER AWESOME QUALITY)

Okay, time for Art History Greek statues of naked people, YAY!


Disney Store and owls! 8D

Remember when my Disney store closed and I was pathetically sad about it?  Well today my mom and I drove about a half hour to forty minutes to the last remaining store anywhere near us!  And they've improved the store since I last went too.  The floor is this sparkly red tile instead of the plain white tile they had before, they've expanded the back, and it looks great!  I flitted all around the store just looking at everything and showing all the super adorable stuff to my mom and being way too excited than what's probably deemed appropriate for someone my age.  I noticed they have also added a lot of classic!Mickey stuff like a Steamboat Willie snow-globe, which I thought was really cool.

Here is my swag!
Swag beneath the cut!Collapse )

Also, next week my mom and I are going to try and see Legend of the Guardians, which I am super excited for!  8D
Yes that's right, the movie with the owls and the 30 Seconds to Mars song in the trailer that people on ONTD were laughing at.  I don't care, HATERS TO THE LEFT!  I read the books when I was younger.  They were awesome then and they are still awesome now.
(and if this film is successful, I better see some sequels and a Watership Down remake too.)
(....a Warrior cats movie would also be nice thank you)
11 year old me was a book whore. =/

Yaaay! College Program!

Sooo, they had the Disney College program information and recruiting meeting today, and it was awesome!

First they showed us this video that displayed clips from various things that are a part of the company, to show just how many different jobs they have to offer.  I guess most other people there didn't know that Disney owns ESPN and ABC, because after the video people were like "WAIT!  Lost is Disney!? o_o  My sports channels are Disney?  Wait....Desperate Housewives!?" 
And we talked about a bunch of stuff, and saw what the apartments look like and yadda yadda.

But the best part was when she talked about all the different education opportunities, majors, and how each of those could translate into a future job with the company.
Because, she brought up education, which is one of the things I want to major in and I thought "education?  What kind of education jobs would they have?"
Well apparently they have these:
Animal Kingdom Education Presenter
College Program Education (duh)
The Disney University

So in other words, even if I never get to do anything with Art and have to stuck with education, I can still work for Disney.

There was more stuff they talked about, but I won't get into all of it.  And I had to miss the last ten minutes to get to my drawing class.
(but they have these videos on the website anyway so I can just watch the last one at home)
I can't wait to do this program!  I have to wait a year or two, but it's going to be awesome!


I don't know why, but I am ridiculously happy today.  Perhaps it's my new contacts, or the fact it's the weekend, or just my cranberry sierra mist that's making me feel perky.

But, I have a plan for life!  Yay!
I've decided to pursue an English education degree after all.  Now that I'm in college, away from the super judgmental and shallow atmosphere of high school, I feel like I can get over my shyness and take charge some day.  But that's not the end of it, because I still have a plan for art.  Since I'm still not comfortable with my skill level, I've decided I can minor in art, and then, when I'm teaching, I can use the summer to continue taking art courses and gradually get the qualifications to get a second degree in graphic design or illustration.  Then, I can start offering my services online to websites that need graphic designers, getting commissions and stuff, and maybe applying for illustration jobs on the side.  Then, once I have a healthy resume, I can apply for a job with Disney's design group.  I don't care if I'm just drawing up ideas for products, designing logos, or putting together DVD covers.  I want to work for this company.
And even better, I can still do the Disney College program under an education major since they accept so many, and then do it again later when I'm working on a graphic design/illustration degree.  So by the time I'm ready to start trying for my dream job, I'll already have worked with the company in the past, which would look even better on the resume.

And even if I never get there, I still love the idea of teaching, and I love english, and I could always do the art stuff as a side job.  Even if I never get my number one dream job, I think I can still be happy.

And speaking of Disney, I just learned a spoiler from the end of the movie Tangled that really excites me.  If you want to see, it's under the cut.

That said, have some Willow/Tara to complete my fluffy good mood.

And their cat, Ms. Kitty, because hello, kitten plus these two equals cute overload.

And for those not in Buffy fandom, yes it's canon.  This show doesn't need photoshop.
(also, whoa the insane awesome of rewatching this and not worrying about being judged for loving this couple man.  I love it.)

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