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I cannot wait for Christmas you guys.  Not because of the presents (although I do really look forward to that, not gonna lie), but because I GET TO COOK!  I was deprived of this on Thanksgiving this year, so I'm especially looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner on saturday.  COOKING IS FUN OKAY?  And this year I've decided I'm going to do something out of the ordinary, and, instead of throwing some garlic powder into the mashed potatoes and calling them garlic mashed potatoes, I'm actually going to roast a bunch of garlic in the oven.  Usually if I use real garlic at all in anything I just chop it up and saute it, but this year I want to do something yummier.  I'm also going to try and get my sister to bake something, since she's awesome at making deserts.

(and I just realized I don't have any Ratatouille gifs.  Note to self: get Ratatouille gifs!)
Although, all that activity in the kitchen means we're all going to have to clean it somehow.  It so cluttered right now, and we're going to need the space.

Also, for some reason my photoshop (and all my other adobe software) refuses to re-install.  D8  Noooooo.
At least my tablet came with a photoshop elements disc. =/

Oh, and I'm trying to train myself not to speak my mind to my dad too often and just remain silent when he says or does something especially stupid.  I know it probably isn't a good idea to keep too much of my emotions bottled up, and I'll probably eventually just explode everything all over him, but.....for now it helps me avoid drama.  Maybe I can find a more appropriate outlet before I explode, too.  Moving out isn't an option, so I have to work with what I can.

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