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When it comes to TV shows, I really don't think anyone is as fast as my sister at watching them.  She watched the entire 7th season of Buffy in a single day, she watched several seasons of Lost in only a couple weeks, and she does it all while watching multiple different shows at the same time. 
A few days ago, I finally got my sister to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I've been bugging her about this ever since my friends managed to get me to watch it.  She came into my room late at night after only two episodes and asked me to let her borrow my DVDs of the first season after deciding that she really liked it.  The next day, when I came home from work at around 4, the box was back in my room.  As of right now, she is six episodes into the third and final season.  The only reason she hasn't completely finished the show now is because she works full time on weekdays.  I kinda wish she was pacing herself a bit more though, because I love meeting with her in  the hallway and discussing the show with her and asking what she thinks.  "Did you get to episode number X yet?  What do you think of Toph?  Isn't she amazing!?"  "How hard did you laugh at Sokka and Momo and the cactus juice incident?"  It's so much fun!  It's also hard not to spoil stuff though, like when my sister said (after watching the first season) "I hope they make Zuko's character even more dimensional in the second and third season."  There are so many times she says "I hope this happens" or "I wonder when they'll explain this" where I'm thinking "Wow, you have NO IDEA!"  I'm really glad she's so in love with the show and its characters.  Now we can talk about how amazing Katara and Toph are, among other things.

I'm sorry to say that she's really not feeling the Katara/Aang though.  She says that since Katara is 16 and Aang is only 11, it's kind of gross right now.  I can understand where she's coming from, but in a few years I don't think it would matter so much.  Aang might be a little young at this point, but it's not like she's 20 and he's 10 or something.  And besides, for most of the show, up until the end, their relationship is just portrayed as a mutual crush.  My sister is picky about this stuff though.

And on another note, I've started reading A Game of Thrones!  Yay!

EDIT: Apparently I remembered wrong about the ages of the characters in the show.  Aang is 12, but Katara is only 14.  I don't know how I forgot that, but my sister's arguments are officially invalid.

Doctor Who awesomeness and some AtlA

Time for Doctor Who/Neil Gaiman Fangirling!

Okay, so Saturday's episode of Doctor Who?  OHMYFUCKINGGOD THAT WAS AMAZING!

It's really no secret that I think this show was greatly improved after Steven Moffat took over.  Towards the end of Russel T Davis's run, the show was almost unbearable to watch anymore because I had become so frustrated with it.  Season five on the other hand, captained by Steven Moffat, far surpassed my expectations and soared way past the potential I saw for the show when I started watching.  Now, I know plenty of people disagree, but that's just my opinion.
Then, in season six episode four, Neil Gaiman came along and WROTE THE BEST EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO EVER.  Not just the best episode of New!Who, but the best ever.  Never on the history of this show have we gotten to see the soul of the Tardis inhabit a human body and speak directly to the Doctor (Bad Wolf!Rose doesn't count, since that was a mix of both Rose and the Tardis in a completely new entity).  It was amazing and beautiful.  All throughout this show the Doctor's relationship with his space-time-machine has seemed almost romantic, especially with the knowledge that it's actually alive and has a soul.  "The Doctor's Wife" was the PERFECT title for this episode, because that's who the Tardis is for the Doctor, in a way.  Sure, he has romantic adventures with characters like Rose and River Song, but they're not the Tardis.  And all the references to classic!Who were great, like when she called the Doctor "Thief", in reference to the fact that he originally stole her.  I loved how excited the Doctor was too that he finally got to speak with, touch, kiss (and get bitten by) the Tardis for this one episode:
The Doctor: Uh, Amy, this is... well... she's my TARDIS. *becomes absolutely giddy*Except she's a woman. She's a woman and she's my TARDIS!
Amy: She's the TARDIS?
The Doctor: And she's a woman. She's a woman and she's the TARDIS!
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
Of course then her human body dies and she goes back to being the non-speaking machine and it's sad, and I got teary eyed, and Neil Gaiman you are a GENIUS.  And thanks to this episode, Doctor/Tardis is going to become a much more popular ship (and hopefully spawn lots of fanfic).
Also, not related to the OTP in this episode, but I thought it was really funny:
The Doctor: (to Amy and Rory) Uh, the House deleted all the bedrooms. I should probably put you into a new bedroom. You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Amy:  Okay, um... Doctor, this time could we lose the bunk beds?
The Doctor: (with a "you've got to be kidding" face) No, bunk beds are cool! A bed! With a ladder! You can't beat that!

Doctor, why would you give a married couple bunk beds?  That's just mean!

Now, something quick related Avatar the Last Airbender
Also, in other fandom related news, Mark from "Mark reads Harry Potter" just finished watching and reviewing the first season of Avatar the Last Airbender, and you really should check out his blogs.  The man is adorable, and I LOVE his commentaries on Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Avatar: TLA.  Here's some links:
Mark Watches Blog: markwatches.net/reviews/
Mark Reads Blog: markreads.net/reviews/
(also he's going to start His Dark Materials soon and IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME)

Winter pics

Wow, just look at my procrastination skills.  I promised ages ago I'd upload my pics from the aftermath of the ice storm that hit and here we are at the start of spring (at least where I am) and I still haven't uploaded them.

Well, here they are!

Very large pics this way!Collapse )
Unfortunately, this WOULD have been a really awesome batch of pics if I had just remembered to walk in the other direction of my neighborhood where one house has a sad cherub statue on their porch.  He would've looked so cool covered in ice. :(  Maybe I can get him the next time we have an ice storm.

Also, I'm going to try and go back to my church tomorrow to check out the new college sunday school class.  Why?  Because I'm not quite ready to cut off all ties with them yet and I already had a political argument over facebook this past week with two of the members.  I know it would probably be better for me to just remove them all from my facebook and forget they exist, but I'm a scaredy cat.  I don't want to clue them in on the fact I think they're bigoted jerks who could do with some education just yet.
(especially since they'd be all like "OMG, SATAN GOT KELSEY, LET'S PRAY THAT GOD RESCUES HER SOUL FROM HELL" if I did.  Ugh.)

EDIT: Well, nevermind that.  I forgot it was daylight saving time, so I forgot to reset my clock and I woke up an hour too late.  Thanks daylight savings time!



I am in a REALLY good mood today, and I refuse to let it be ruined.  This means I'm going to hold off on studying for my art history midterm until tomorrow.


OMG, no, not another new fandom!

This is kind of embarassing....Okay, you know Lauren Fuast? Yeah, the awesome animator who's the wife of the creator of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and who did a lot of work on both of these awesome shows and won awards for it?

Well, she kinda also recently resurrected the My Little Pony TV show. I've heard a lot of people talk about how surprisingly good it is...so, I was bored the other night and gave it a try (the first 13 episodes are on youtube in high quality).
I am OBSESSED now, guys! I always loved the My Little Pony toys, but the TV shows and movies never interested me...until now. And holy crap, is it good! The characters have actual personalities, the writing is great, there's a lot of really funny moments in every epsiode, and the animation is awesome! Also, Rainbow Dash KICKS. ASS.
STOP LAUGHING AT ME! I don't care that it's My Little Pony, I love it. And I'm going to hunt down the toys and collect them! 
Also, these are my HBIC Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack. 
  Photobucket Photobucket
 Yeah, I'm past the point of no return.  I'm a sucker for really good animated shows, and this one is ~awesome~. 
Oh, and I found Lauren Faust's Deviantart account here : http://fyre-flye.deviantart.com/

Okay, on to less embarassing things.  I took a 3 hour walk through the woods and to the duck pond yesterday (it was 20 degrees out.  what is wrong with me).  It was amazing, really.  The Ice Storm that came recently turned every flat surface in my neighborhood into an ice skating rink, and everything else got coated in a later of ice that made the trees and bushes look like they were made of glass.  I got some good photos, but I'll have to wait until next week to put them up since my dad's laptop doesn't have photoshop.  And today, I shoveled the driveway.  And by shovel the driveway I mean "break up the 1-inch thick sheet of ice on the driveway with a hammer and shovel, then toss the pieces into a pile".  Harder than it sounds, but it was also fun.  Except for the falling down part anyway.
No word yet on my laptop, but I'm going to try calling the repair man later.  I miss my computer, as annoying as it is. :(

Sarah made me do it

Well okay, no she didn't, but I miss goofing around on the internet and I have a long break today, so instead of doing my paper right now like I'm supposed to, I'm doing this:
It's a list of the Oscar noms, and you bold who you want to win.

My Oscar listCollapse )


Part 2 of My Laptop is an Asshole

I'm going to try to shorten a long story so that I don't go on a terrible rant and make myself look whiney and stupid.  This was me last night:

Me: *restarts computer* :I ....
Computer: HEY, BACK NOW
Me: Cool *enters password**hits enter*
Computer: *blue wheel of waiting*
Me: :3 *waits for desktop to come up*
Computer: *repeats process for well over an hour*
Me: Come on!  I even tried startup repair and safe mode!  What's wrong with you!?
Computer: Fuck off and leave me to die in peace!
Me: NEVER!  You still have a good chunk of files I have to backup and I'm not losing them!
Computer: Weeelll, you can't back them up if you ca't even get to your desktop!  MWAHAHAHA!

So, I took it to the IT department on campus and the guy there determined that I most likely need to have my RAM completely replaced and get the computer store/repair place/whatever to also lift the data off my harddrive so I can safely do a factory restore (for the second time in two months).
Right now I'm using the old clunky senior-citizen of a desktop computer that used to be the family computer.  It makes my laptop (when funtioning) look like the roadrunner.  I really, really need a new computer.  Unfortunately, as of now, this is my total Mac fund:

Mac Fund: $300 out of $1,000
That said, I have a question about summer jobs.  Can you still apply several months early (as in say, next month), tell them when you'll be off school and then go in to work if you're hired in May?  Some people have told me no, and others have said you can.  I need to know because obviously, I'm going to need a summer job and I need to know when to start applying.  I'm determined to actually get a job this time so the earlier, the better.

Also, one final note: Until I get my computer fixed/get a new computer (whichever comes first), I will NOT have AIM or YIM, so chatting with me outside of twitter/facebook will not be a possibility.


Awesome things of 2010

Okay, everyone and their mom is doing this, so hey, why not!

favorite 2010 stuff behind the cutCollapse )


I cannot wait for Christmas you guys.  Not because of the presents (although I do really look forward to that, not gonna lie), but because I GET TO COOK!  I was deprived of this on Thanksgiving this year, so I'm especially looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner on saturday.  COOKING IS FUN OKAY?  And this year I've decided I'm going to do something out of the ordinary, and, instead of throwing some garlic powder into the mashed potatoes and calling them garlic mashed potatoes, I'm actually going to roast a bunch of garlic in the oven.  Usually if I use real garlic at all in anything I just chop it up and saute it, but this year I want to do something yummier.  I'm also going to try and get my sister to bake something, since she's awesome at making deserts.

(and I just realized I don't have any Ratatouille gifs.  Note to self: get Ratatouille gifs!)
Although, all that activity in the kitchen means we're all going to have to clean it somehow.  It so cluttered right now, and we're going to need the space.

Also, for some reason my photoshop (and all my other adobe software) refuses to re-install.  D8  Noooooo.
At least my tablet came with a photoshop elements disc. =/

Oh, and I'm trying to train myself not to speak my mind to my dad too often and just remain silent when he says or does something especially stupid.  I know it probably isn't a good idea to keep too much of my emotions bottled up, and I'll probably eventually just explode everything all over him, but.....for now it helps me avoid drama.  Maybe I can find a more appropriate outlet before I explode, too.  Moving out isn't an option, so I have to work with what I can.


YAY! MY COMPUTER IS WORKING AGAIN! And even better, my dad never even had to find out it was infected, so I don't have to get shouted at! I still have to put photoshop and the rest of my adobe software on it, but I already have firefox, yahoo messenger, and itunes added on (though I do need to load all my music backups). Reformatting the hard drive also seemed to fix my earlier problem of the lightbulb in the screen being too bright, because suddenly there's contrast again (which for whatever reason you can't adjust manually on a laptop).
Also, I pulled together all my birthday money from this year and what I made from driveway shoveling today. My Macbook fund now stands as:
$100 out of $500-$1000
Hopefully I'll be able to get one of the cheaper ones off craigslist for a good price. I've seen brand new macbook pros on there for as little as 500 or 700 (which, even though it's a lot of money period, is not bad for a mac at all). I don't plan on getting any help from my parents to pay for this either, since I want it to be completely mine. That way if there's some major drama with my dad, he can't take it away like he's done before (and I do expect a lot of drama at some point....it's kind of bound to happen, and I wish I could also buy a car independently for the same reason.)

Non computer related stuff:
I AM DONE WITH THE SEMSESTER! And I should find out if my grades were good enough to get me into the art school some time next week. I am so excited!
And speaking of next week, how is it already almost Christmas!? I am not ready, I still have stuff to mail and now it's probably not going to get there on time unless I fork out some extra cash for extra speedy shipping. But whatever, as long as it gets there I guess.

And apparently there's a POTC trailer out.  HURRAY!  I'm still kind of scared to get excited, because what if it disappoints me?  But I can't help it watching the trailer.  It's POTC with zombies and mermaids!  (but seriously, what did they do to Barbossa's outfit?  CHANGE IT BACK IMMEDIATELY!)

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ericadawn16 !  :)


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