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Doctor Who awesomeness and some AtlA

Time for Doctor Who/Neil Gaiman Fangirling!

Okay, so Saturday's episode of Doctor Who?  OHMYFUCKINGGOD THAT WAS AMAZING!

It's really no secret that I think this show was greatly improved after Steven Moffat took over.  Towards the end of Russel T Davis's run, the show was almost unbearable to watch anymore because I had become so frustrated with it.  Season five on the other hand, captained by Steven Moffat, far surpassed my expectations and soared way past the potential I saw for the show when I started watching.  Now, I know plenty of people disagree, but that's just my opinion.
Then, in season six episode four, Neil Gaiman came along and WROTE THE BEST EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO EVER.  Not just the best episode of New!Who, but the best ever.  Never on the history of this show have we gotten to see the soul of the Tardis inhabit a human body and speak directly to the Doctor (Bad Wolf!Rose doesn't count, since that was a mix of both Rose and the Tardis in a completely new entity).  It was amazing and beautiful.  All throughout this show the Doctor's relationship with his space-time-machine has seemed almost romantic, especially with the knowledge that it's actually alive and has a soul.  "The Doctor's Wife" was the PERFECT title for this episode, because that's who the Tardis is for the Doctor, in a way.  Sure, he has romantic adventures with characters like Rose and River Song, but they're not the Tardis.  And all the references to classic!Who were great, like when she called the Doctor "Thief", in reference to the fact that he originally stole her.  I loved how excited the Doctor was too that he finally got to speak with, touch, kiss (and get bitten by) the Tardis for this one episode:
The Doctor: Uh, Amy, this is... well... she's my TARDIS. *becomes absolutely giddy*Except she's a woman. She's a woman and she's my TARDIS!
Amy: She's the TARDIS?
The Doctor: And she's a woman. She's a woman and she's the TARDIS!
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
Of course then her human body dies and she goes back to being the non-speaking machine and it's sad, and I got teary eyed, and Neil Gaiman you are a GENIUS.  And thanks to this episode, Doctor/Tardis is going to become a much more popular ship (and hopefully spawn lots of fanfic).
Also, not related to the OTP in this episode, but I thought it was really funny:
The Doctor: (to Amy and Rory) Uh, the House deleted all the bedrooms. I should probably put you into a new bedroom. You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Amy:  Okay, um... Doctor, this time could we lose the bunk beds?
The Doctor: (with a "you've got to be kidding" face) No, bunk beds are cool! A bed! With a ladder! You can't beat that!

Doctor, why would you give a married couple bunk beds?  That's just mean!

Now, something quick related Avatar the Last Airbender
Also, in other fandom related news, Mark from "Mark reads Harry Potter" just finished watching and reviewing the first season of Avatar the Last Airbender, and you really should check out his blogs.  The man is adorable, and I LOVE his commentaries on Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Avatar: TLA.  Here's some links:
Mark Watches Blog: markwatches.net/reviews/
Mark Reads Blog: markreads.net/reviews/
(also he's going to start His Dark Materials soon and IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME)


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May. 18th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)
Doctor, why would you give a married couple bunk beds?

Oh, it's not like they didn't find ways around it, re: The Christmas Episode...
May. 18th, 2011 05:00 am (UTC)
Of course, but a full sized bed would definitely make it a lot more comfortable for them. I'll bet at least one of them had to deal with almost falling onto the floor a few times.
May. 18th, 2011 05:23 am (UTC)
True, but again, they are creative people and this is the Tardis; infinite number of rooms with everything imaginable. I wouldn't put it past them to have a challenge where they try to have sex in every room, including the swimming pool.
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